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Music to Celebrate IPD 2014

By Dan | Filed in humor

Here are some nerdy/geeky songs appropriate for today ūüôā


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Happy International Programmers’ Day Around The World!!

Whether it’s folks who program websites, microcontrollers, mobile devices, or¬† backend systems – or whatever hardware is invented next – January 7th is the day each year to remember their accomplishments!

This is the SIXTH YEAR of celebrating this worldwide event!

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A new year deserves a new look at IT certifications.¬† I’ve always been a fan of certifications, as I believe studying for them makes you well-rounded in a field, and they look pretty darn good on the resume.¬† I’ve taken certification exams in areas I’m very familiar with, and in technologies I’m barely familiar with but I’d like to know more about.

IBM came out with a very good white paper discussing the pros/cons of certifications.¬† “The primary reasons include increased employability, greater growth potential and networking opportunities.”¬† It went on to say “Overall, professionals who had earned an IT or project management certification during the last five years earned an average of $5,242 more than their counterparts.”

I often look at what the big companies for programmers are offering – Oracle, Zend, Microsoft, IBM.¬† Sure, there are other companies, but these have topped my list for some time and continue to.¬† Here’s why:

Oracle: According to Gartner, 48.8% of all money spent on a commercial database package is spent on Oracle.¬† That is a huge share, especially considering that IBM at second place is only at 20.2%, so an Oracle cert is a must-have for non-specialized IT professionals.¬† Oracle also has MySQL, the open source database, which is downloaded a whopping 65,000 times a day! Oracle also offers Java certification – you know, the 2nd most popular language (C has re-overtaken Java…it’s a great battle!).¬† Plus, Oracle has a ton of other in-demand specialized certs (middle tier & hardware), making it by far my top choice for IT Certification.

IBM: From hardware to software, IBM is a powerhouse in certain companies.¬† It has more in revenues than Google + Apple combined.¬† It is very much a software development/support company that also sells software & hardware.¬† To that end, they offer numerous certifications on their vast array of products.¬† If you’re interested in tapping into all that money, certification can help.

Zend: I always felt PHP is a peculiar language to gauge the popularity of, and others agree.¬† To me, I think PHP has stopped being a “rising star” and has instead solidified itself as a small-website-development tool, such as WordPress sites like this site!¬† It’s a needed niche, and will be around for quite some time.¬† If you’re looking to enter the PHP realm, a Zend cert may help.

Microsoft: I’ve had Microsoft certs for over a decade.¬† There are always job posted for MS Certified employees, pulling in big dollars.¬† Microsoft Certified Solutions Developers¬†earn $97,848.¬† Microsoft Certified Database Administrators earn $95,950.¬† Microsoft Certified Application Developer earn $93,349.¬† Also, Microsoft’s Database Administrator ($90,200) and SQL Server 2005 ($90,100) certs pull in good money too.¬† But all these tests are hard, and not for the casual user!

Another newish IT cert to consider:¬† The Google Apps Certified Deployment Specialist.¬† I’m thinking about it!¬† It sounds cool, right?¬† Not sure how useful it would be, yet.¬† May look good on the resume, though.

Adobe also has a ton of certifications for their products.¬† I’ve never tried one.¬† They seem reasonably priced, so maybe I will.¬† More info on them here.

In conclusion…¬† Prometric came out with a report on IT certs.¬† It lists numerous to get certified.¬† The one that stands out for me is that 89% of IT decision makers perceive certifications as a way to keep skills/knowledge current.¬† I think that’s true, whether early in your career or later on.

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