Achievements of Programmers

An indepth look at most of the comforts of modern living will, at some point, reveal a programmer as being instrumental in its realization.

Let’s take a look at some of the things we do every day that were made possible by the ingenuity and creativity of a programmer.

We wake up, get cleaned and dressed, have breakfast and leave the house – What noise did you wake up to? It’s very likely you woke up to the sound of a programmable digital alarm clock. When you stumbled into the bathroom, did you use an electric toothbrush? An electric razor? An electric curling iron or straightener? When you wandered into the kitchen, did you throw something into the microwave? Did your programmable coffeemaker have some java waiting for you? When you left the house, did you turn on an alarm system? Did you start your car before you left with a remote control starter? Did you need to reset the thermostat in your house, or did your programmable thermostat do that for you?

We drive to work – On your way to work, did you listen to your satellite radio for a morning news program? Or did you just turn on your MP3 or iPod to hear some tunes? While driving, did your “Service Required” light come on to warn you of potential problems with the car? Or did your radar detector alert you to the existance of another potential problem? 🙂

We work – I don’t know about most people, but the first thing I do when I get to work is turn on my computer and log into the network. I suspect you did too? Then did you check your voicemail? Next, it depends what type of job you have. However, most office jobs would next require you to use your computer to do a number of things developed by thousands of programmers, such as: Did you send/receive email? Surf the web? Log into a specific corporate system? Perhaps you manipulated data in a spreadsheet or database? Or viewed an online report? Or printed some documents of envelope labels? Another great enhancement made possible by the genius of programmers: Direct Deposit!

We leave work – On your way out of work, did your cell phone ring or did you receive a text message? Maybe you’re heading out on the town, but you don’t know where you’re going, good thing there’s a GPS in the car to help you out! Or perhaps you’re just headed home to kick back and relax, and watch your favorite show that you TiVo’ed last night?

We clean – Since everyone hates cleaning, especially programmers, we’ve done a great job automating, and continue to work towards automating more. The invention and sophistication of Artificial Intelligence (AI) really has greatly improved everyone’s life. For example, do you use a RoomBa, or some other type of robotic vaccuum cleaner? For your pool, do you use an automatic pool cleaner, such as a Dolphin? Other than the programmers who make our PC’s and laptops better, the programmers who have advanced AI have made the most significant improvements to life.

We dream – Whether discussing the future of space exploration, the modern marvels of energy efficiency, or the advances made in the health care industry, programmers are always there as the backbone of these projects. Programmers enable us to dream about the next advancement, since they are continuously making the last one a reality.

The product of programmers are found everywhere we look. We have them to thank for much that we have.

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  1. Comment by Kay B. Vermette:

    Thanks to all the programmers for making my life easier and much more enjoyable. I love playing bridge on the Internet on With out programs this would be impossible, so again a BIG Thank You.

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