Oracle Certified Associate, MySQL 5

Recently I passed the exam to become an Oracle Certified Associate, MySQL 5.  I scored very well with minimal studying.

The Oracle website here gives a good overview of the exam.  Obviously I’m not going to give out exam questions and answers but I’ll tell you how I prepared.

The exam was 50 questions and you have 90 minutes to complete it. Time really is not a factor – I’m a slow reader, and I finished in under an hour.

If you are comfortable with select/insert/update/delete, including simple joins, then you’re halfway there.  If you have solid experience with SQL, even if it’s with another database, you’re well on your way.

Download and install MySQL.  Create databases, users, grant permissions, switch databases, etc etc.  You may not need all that but it’s good experience.

Run through this example from Oracle.

Know the common functions:  manipulating dates, times, strings, etc.

10% of the test is importing/exporting data.  Read all about the various options and practice them.

Know the basic concepts of transactions.  I have years experience with this in PL/SQL and I find that the basic concepts transfer over well.

If you do all that and understand what you’re doing, you’ll do fine!

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  1. Comment by Saurabh:

    Getting (32-bit) XE to run under 64-bit Linux is initially saroightftrward. The fun comes when you try to build, say, perl DBI. You have a 64-bit Perl in your base system, and it tries to build a module for 64-bit Perl which links against a 32-bit library. Ouch. In the end I gave up and rebuilt my Oracle VM as 32-bit.BTW, even if you don’t intend programming in perl, if you’re using Oracle you should install yasql. This is a sane replacement for sqlplus which has a whole load of stuff that sqlplus should have had in the first place, such as readline editing, query row limits, and CSV input/output.

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