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IT Certifications in 2014

A new year deserves a new look at IT certifications.  I’ve always been a fan of certifications, as I believe studying for them makes you well-rounded in a field, and they look pretty darn good on the resume.  I’ve taken certification exams in areas I’m very familiar with, and in technologies I’m barely familiar with […]

Thumbs Up!

I found this guy on Google Maps… Thumbs Up, Man!   https://maps.google.com/maps?hl=en&ie=UTF8&t=k&layer=c&cbll=29.237392%2C-81.012919&panoid=zuYsvZHD5WpdoYAoQItPYA&cbp=13%2C188.71%2C%2C1%2C16.78&ll=29.237318%2C-81.012919&spn=0.00026%2C0.000377&z=21&source=embed

Gangnam (and YouTube) Top One Billion Views

There’s been alot of discussion about the meteoric rise of the hit song Gangnam Style, as its video surpassed one billion views on December 21st.  This is clearly a tribute to the singer, called PSY, who came up with a catchy beat and a comical video, but also PSY needs to share the credit with […]

Google Illustrates Recursion

Something only a true geek will find humorous. Type “recursion” into Google…  Notice what the “Did you mean” is?  Click it! Other cool Google hidden search terms include “do a barrel roll”, “tilt” or “askew”

Tablet Wars Heat Up

Everywhere you look you see tablets or tablet advertisements.  Tablets are commonplace at work, school, on the bus, doctor offices, etc., and tablet makers are betting you’ll see more. Microsoft officially jumped into the Tablet War on October 26th by releasing the brand new Surface at a retail cost starting at $499.  Surface, which features the Windows […]