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It’s Already International Programmers Day (January 7th) Throughout Much of the World!

Join the celebration on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/InternationalProgrammersDay !

Happy International Programmer’s Day – 2015!

It’s an exciting time to be living in! Technology just keeps getting better every year thanks to the contributions of programmers. Let’s take a quick look at some of the accomplishments of IT in 2014: * Mobile got bigger and better! iPhone6 was released; – 10 million sold within 3 days; Google announced Android has […]

International Programmers’ Day – January 7th 2014

Happy International Programmers’ Day Around The World!! Whether it’s folks who program websites, microcontrollers, mobile devices, orĀ  backend systems – or whatever hardware is invented next – January 7th is the day each year to remember their accomplishments! This is the SIXTH YEAR of celebrating this worldwide event!

Happy International Programmers’ Day, 2013!

Happy International Programmers’ Day – TODAY – January 7th, 2013! Thank the geeks who made our world cool by inventing eBay & Amazon, iPhones & Androids, your laptop’s cool software, your GPS, Google, Netflix, PayPal, credit card processing, 911 emergency databases, parts of cars/trains/planes/ships and pretty much everything that has a power button! You can […]