What is a Programmer?

Programming has been defined as the science of developing software on an electronic platform to achieve a desired goal.

This is a rather broad definition, but it does accurately reflect the broad range of duties carried out by a programmer. It also does not limit programming to just simply writing code on a PC. Programming actually takes place in many environments in many languages with a variety of different hardware.

Let’s take an in depth look at each key phrase.

“Science” – Programming truly is a science. It involves complex mathematical calculations, logic, conceptual analysis, etc. These are not tasks typical linked to any art form. In addition, it involves scientific methodology to write code, test, debug, test again, etc. Even the life cycle concepts associated with computer programs show that programming is a methodical discipline.

“Developing Software” – The key concept here is that the end goal of a programmer is to develop software, not simply to write code. Software development implies a deeper understanding of the needs the product is to fulfill, as well as the capacity to fulfill those needs no matter what is required to meet the goal.

“An Electronic Platform” – Modern programming is done on millions of different devices. Programming can be found everywhere from the Marsian Rovers to the microwave in your kitchen. Programmers have made an incredible mark on society, and are truly the source of many of the luxuries we enjoy today.

“Achieve a Desired Goal” – Programmers have goals. We are not just simply tools of management to blindly implement some plan. Programmers must fully understand the direction of an organization in order to carry out his or her duties. Programmers don’t just write code, we get things done. Without a proper understanding of the intent of some program, programmers may not develop the best result.

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  1. Comment by Sizuoka:

    (your translations are gentitg better!)Friend: Which language is better: Java or Flash?Programmer: Huh?Friend: I want to learn a programming language, because two friends of mine want to join me in a new business to develop an enterprise resource planning system. It’s gonna make us rich!Programmer: Any of you know how to program?Friend: No. But one of them earns money installing software on cell phones!

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